The Eko Power pumps range has been designed for applications in koi and ornamental ponds where an efficient and powerful pump is needed to keep the water clear and oxygenated while managing organic wastes and debris. This powerful range of pumps has a large surface area for filtration and a high performance pump inside that can also power surface skimmers, external filters and waterfalls. The EKO POWER process solids up to 6mm (1/4″) without clogging.


Designed and produced in Italy.


Top characteristics:

  • Second inlet for additional equipment
  • Strainer with three different sides for handling solids – 12mm on the top, 7mm on the sides, 5mm on the bottom
  • Flow regulation by turning the collector ring


Key Features:

  • Very strong case powered by a high performance Sicce pump
  • No need of a pre-filter sponge
  • Easy to open and transport by the case handle
  • Adjustable outlet for a flexible hose positioning
  • Use in combination with the Sicce Green Reset
  • Hoses included



Eko Power 10.0 Pond Pump