The PP models are perfectly adjusted for filter operation. All in all, four types for different pond sizes convince especially due to their energy saving and powerful asynchronous motor: Depending on the type, it pumps a volume of 3,500 liters per hour with very high pressure.

A clever feature: Vortex impellers largely prevent clogging, thus there is no need for frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, the pumps are located inside a beautifully shaped basket that provides a safe base and protects against coarse particles. Variable hose connectors that allow connecting different hose diameters are included with all variants.




Pump max. flow Hmax Watt
PP 3000 3.500 l/h 3,8 m 55 W
PP 6000 5.600 l/h 4,3 m 65 W
PP 9000 9.500 l/h 4,3 m 140 W

Sera Pond Precision Pump 3000