Syncra Pond: a new, complete range of filter-pumps, created with a totally innovative technology that offers elevated performances, along with reduced power consumption. The Syncra Pond line is ideal for indoor and outdoor fountains, vertical gardens and for ponds.

All Syncra Pond pumps are provided of nozzles (standard and optional), to create many water effects, and of a “T-valve” that allows an easy double regulation of the water flow. All Syncra Pond pumps are equipped with a sponge for biological filtration that blocks small particles of dirt, allowing the rotor and the nozzles to stay cleaner longer, assuring better water and prolonging the life of your pump. The sponge is protected by a grid (easily removable for maintenance) that prevents leaves, twigs and other large objects from clogging the pump. All of these features allow Syncra Pond to reach technical performances that similar pumps cannot obtain.

Syncra Pond 2.0 – 2150L