Description Diamond Coat Snow White & Mix Color is a unique formula to support optimal stimulation of the hair matrix. Intended for dogs with colors such as: biscuit, deer, marble, brindle, fur and mixed with white hair. Tip: It is recommended to use: - Prophylactic (during moulting) for 60 days, twice a year. - On an ad hoc basis (in case of bad skin and coat) up to 90 days, then 30 days break and return for administration if necessary or prophylactic. INGREDIENTS: Egg yolk, seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), potato protein, locust bean gum, linseed, hydrolysed collagen, blueberries, montmorillonite, rose hip, evening primrose oil, cleansing, horsetail, chamomile. All ingredients were added in a pure and natural form, freshly mixed and preheated, properly treated for optimal retention of easily absorbable natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in large quantities. Due to the high content of bio-digestible protein, it is not recommended to use the Diamond Coat and Premium Plus at the same time. DOSAGE: body weight (kg) / g daily <2.5 kg: 1-2 gr 2.5-5 kg: 3 gr 5-10 kg: 4 gr 10-20 kg: 6 gr 20-30 kg: 8 gr > 30 kg: 10-12 g The enclosed scoop contains 2 grams of product. METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION: The preparation is mixed with food.

Diamond Coat Snow White & Mix Color