The AMERICA dog collar line is a combination of the highest quality polypropylene tape with durable material of unique colors. Designer print, from subdued pink on gray, through colorful pictograms on deep black, to colorful dizziness or - if you prefer - all the colors of the rainbow, is a proposal for well-arranged Good Dog dogs, as well as live-minded, slightly crazier quadrupeds. Made on polyester fabric, patterned applications have extremely deep colors, more intense and expressive than ever. The collars were equipped with stainless metal fittings, as well as durable plastic click-clack fasteners, enabling the owner of the dog to operate them with one hand. The AMERICA line includes Colorado, Alabama and Nevada collars offered in three widths of 2 cm, 3 cm and 4 cm for small, medium and large dogs.

Dingo Collars