Warning These Items must be used in a safely manner and with training purposes only we are not liable for any injury to the Customer or Dog


Dingo gear Bite Pad Beginner

Develop the dog's main instincts and improve his skills with our bite tugs

choose any and be sure in great results you dog will achieve during grip development. Our tugs also differ by the variety of models and sizes. Designed with one, two handles and even 3, they are convenient and durable due to tear-proof materials and careful stitching. All the materials are also absolutely safe for the canine's health.


Fire Hose and leather. They are durable and strong corresponding the world standards of safety. With bite rags, tugs and pads, you awake your dog's hunting instincts and his interest to bite into the bite cloth or bite tug. A bite tug made of synthetic material is smoother than a jute one and leather is smoother than a synthetic one. The dog learns to bite more powerful so he does not lose the bite tug or bite rag. Our bite tugs or bite rags are available with one or two handles, in fabric, jute and leather, stuffed or flat.                 

Dingo gear Bite Pad Beginner