Dingo Gear bite tug handmade of French material - designed for the dog training and fun. It improves the dog's bite skills, the jaws strength and the dog movement during tug of war. The dog can learn how to firm grip properly which releases the higher prey drive. The dog bite tug is a great help in the bite training. Nylcot (known also as a French material) encourages the dog to bite strongly and not to leave the prey. That type of fabric is sturdy and durable, so can be used for many hours of training and play. You can hold the wide and strong handle to wrestle with the dog jaws. The bite tug can be used in behavioral training, as a reward (to develop the desired dogs behavior). Large bite tugs allows the dog to bite in many places during the twich and tug game. Always supervise during play and bite training. Do not allow the dog to bite the handle. The French material dog bite tugs come from Poland, hand crafted by Dingo Gear and approved by dog trainers all over the world.

DINGO GEAR French Material Bite Tug for The Dog Training