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    Urban dog supplement CLA , 500 gr
    great for digestive and detox 

    CLA is a supplement enhances the muscles development, strengthens and protects heart activity, decreases body fat without altering total body mass but increasing the synthesis of muscle mass by lipolysis growth.

    COMPLEX SYSTEM CLA strengthens the immune system, acting as an anti-aging agent, as well as increases fertility of females. Used on a regular basis from the first day of estrus until birth, significantly increases milk production and reduces the stress caused by unusual organism conditions. The use of CLA COMPLEX SYSTEM during lactation period allows to transmit the linoleic acid directly to the puppies through the mother's milk. It leads to lower mortality level (recorded fact), greater uniformity of growth and anti-tumor effect.

    Omega 3  (89.000 mg) Omega-6 fatty acid  (10.000 mg) Herbs  Minerals  Vegetable oil  Vegetable fat  Antioxidants  Refined fish oil


Omega 3  (89.000 mg) Omega-6 fatty acid  (10.000 mg) Herbs Minerals Vegetable oil Vegetable fat Antioxidants Refined fish oil
Analytical Constituents
Oils and fats 80%
Crude ash 20%
Roughage 0.1%
Crude protein 0.1%

Suitable for Dog breeds

All dog breeds
Feeding recommendations

Administer within 2 months for animals with specific requirements (breeding pets to improve fertility, pregnant pets to keep health and wellbeing, juniors, sport and working dogs, animals with certain diseases). Administer a lower dose for the following month as a maintenance dose (see table).



Specific conditions 

Maintenance dose

10 kg

6 g

3 g

20 kg

12 g

6 g

30 kg

18 g

9 g

40 kg

22 g

12 g

50 kg

22 g

15 g

Urban dog supplement CLA , 500 gr