Green Reset: the new Sicce Pond Filter range, a patented system, the easiest way to clean your pond.


The innovative Green Reset range of pressurised pond filters offer the ultimate in combined filtration systems. All models include a standard high power UVC light, patented back-flush system, filter media and hose fittings. The range is made of four different models and can perform several tasks at the same time.


Designed and produced in Italy.


Top characteristics:

  • Innovative patented easy cleaning system – not a simple back wash but a deep effective cleaning by squeezing the sponges
  • Advanced ultraviolet steriliser – controls green water
  • UV light indicator


Key Features:

  • For home and professional installation
  • Ideal for supplying higher elevated watercourses thanks to the high pressure output
  • Installation both above the ground or inground
  • Three stages of filtration: mechanical (sponges), biological (bio balls), algae sterilisation (UV lamp)
  • Recommended installation with Sicce Master DW or Eko Power pumps
  • Two 20w UV Lamps

Green Reset 60L