Pokusa Powerdog HMB + Ca 250g is specially designed for sports and working dogs.

HMB + Ca is a complementary supplement that is excellent for dogs under heavy strain, as well as convalescents whose muscles need support after surgery or injury, for example. It prevents the breakdown of muscle proteins and reduces muscle cell damage. This supplement increases muscle strength, mass and accelerates muscle regeneration.

HMB is known as a metabolite, or metabolite, of an essential amino acid called leucine. Leucine is known to effectively stimulate (muscle) protein synthesis.


Speeds up recovery between exercises 
Promotes muscle mass development and prevents muscle cell damage
For convalescents
DOSAGE: One intable (1g) / 25 kg body weight morning and evening

On training days: One mitan (1g) / 25 kilograms of body weight 3 times a day, 1 time given about 40min before exercise.

Let's mix with the food.


Calcium-P-hydroxy-P-methylbutyrate monohydrate

Package size: 250g 

Shelf life:

Check out the best-before date on the packaging. Store in a dry, cool place and well closed.

Import and marketing: Dog & Cat Ky, Porvoo

Powerdog HMB + Ca 250g