Product details

Urban dog supplement hd color , 1000 gr
for Muscle Growth and coat shine for show dogs

HD COLOR is a product with β-carotene, 100% natural. Thanks to its properties, the color of coat improves considerably - the shades become more vivid, it enhances and strengthens all dark fur types. Perfect for dogs with red, brown and black fur. It also improves the quality of coat - it becomes thick and healthy.


10g per 20kg of Bodyweight. up to 25g daily as a maximum.
One treatment cycle corresponds to 50 days

HD COLOR also increases the muscle mass of dog. Perfectly suitable for competition preparation.

HD COLOR is a special dietary supplement not only for beautiful and vivid colors, but also supports the complete health of your dog. Rich in fibers and high metabolisable energy level, it is also suitable for those dogs who suffer from constipation. The mineral salts contained play an important role as well.




    Urban Dog Supplement HD 1000g