Eye cleanser 100ml

Eye tonic for dogs and cats struggling with excessive tearing


The specialist eye tonic is designed for the care of the eye area of dogs and cats, struggling with the problems of excessive tearing. The eye tonic is based on physiological saline and contains: hyaluronic acid and lactic acid with a moisturizing effect, bearberry extract rich in arbutina, which in vitro tests shows brightening properties. The tonic also contains boric acid and the natural equivalent of triclosan, as well as a fructan with a probiotic and anti-inflammatory effect. The tonic formula is based on neutral pH, so it does not irritate delicate eye areas.




Apply a small amount of the toner to the cosmetic pad and gently wipe the skin around the eyes. Use once, twice a day. During use, special care should be taken to prevent the preparation from entering the eyes directly.



Eye Cleanser 100ml