Even the fussiest felines are tempted by GOURMET® Perle Adult Cat Mini Fillets in Jelly, especially with the exquisite flavours within our Country Medley collection. Surprise your cat with a varied dish at every mealtime, choosing between the turkey, trout, duck and game that's gently cooked and served in a delectable jelly.


Our sumptuous recipes provide high quality nutrition with 100% complete and balanced cat food to support your sophisticated feline with the care she deserves. Spoil her at every meal with our varied Country Medley delights and treat her to the luxurious flavours of our GOURMET® Perle Adult Cat Mini Fillets in Jelly. Our pet nutritionists have carefully developed our dishes with your cat's delicate palette in mind, and we're sure she'll find our tasty turkey, trout, duck and game recipes utterly irresistible.


Multipack contains delicious recipes in Jelly with Turkey, with Trout, with Duck, with Game

Gourmet by Purina Pack of 12pcs wet food (in Jelly)