Warning These Items must be used in a safely manner and with training purposes only we are not liable for any injury to the Customer or Dog


Bite training for dogs requires professional canine gear and that's what reliable Dingo Gear wide, thick, soft bar sleeve for decoy protection is. Soft wedge can test dog engagement and improve bite skills. Good angle of bite bar allows to train with the dog in every dog training situation without risking jaw damage to the dog. Trainers all over the world in K9, IPO and special forces tested and approved this sleeve, but remember to only use it with the cover (cover is swappable, so you can use this sleeve with different covers, made of French material or jute). Soft wedge it is the first step to learn how to bite properly (followed by medium soft, medium hardness and very very hard). Decoy sleeve is handmade with the highest precision to ensure both dog and the helper safety during heavy duty training. Details: 80 cm long, 22 cm wide, 15 cm high, weight of 1.4 kg. High quality leatherette is comfortable when wearing. Full arm protection assured by polypropylene forearm protector sewn very strongly with the leatherette part. Solid grip inside, a handle allows the decoy to hold the sleeve very firmly, fully protecting his hand from biting. Inside this bite sleeve you'll find soft padding and reinforced constructions for your comfort during dog training and the best security. The handle near the shoulder is for holding it when dog is trying to push with his jaws to wrestle the sleeve, even very strong breeds and muscular dogs tried it, but they never succeed on their own. How to attach the cover on sleeve? It is simply mounted with belt so you can use multiple covers. Here you can buy S00506 (Model Number) RIGHT HAND bite sleeve with soft, wide and thick wedge. Bite sleeves can be placed on left and right hand with hard and soft covers. You can also buy different types of covers when have a bite sleeve. Our specialist sleeves for bite training with many wedges are handmade, so there is a possibility that some dimensions may be different than it is described (small difference about 1-2 cm). This professional equipment was sewn in Poland by Dingo Gear. It is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

DINGO GEAR Right Hand Bite Sleeve 2 pieces